Christmas ornaments and artwork aside France is all about food and wine. Of course there are big grocery stores, several in our town, but one of my favourite things here is the épicerie, a small boutique grocery store. When I visited Paris I fell in love with one in Montmartre not only for the food but for the unmistakable Frenchiness of the store itself.

So when we found Serge’s place here in Semur is was like a gift from the gods.

Honestly, the styling that goes into a can of sardines makes me smile. It’s not the cheapest of places to shop but browsing is free and offers the chance to chat with Serge, a lovely man who tells me that I look a lot like his wife. I’m thinking of working that angle for a discount on that bottle of Volnay in the back so I hope he likes her. How could he not? She must be GORGEOUS!!! I crack me up…