Oh that Rusty. He’s a crafty one I’ll say that much for him. It turns out he’s been tucking away a few euros without my knowledge. Imagine the nerve of him keeping his hard earned money to himself. But all is forgiven. Just when I thought my Christmas would be back to back Elf screenings with buckets of chocolates and chardonnay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), my lovely husband decided he needed a mini vacation and he’s taking moi with him. Of course he is, he enjoys living.

Not long ago France added a new TGV route that rockets one from Dijon to Strasbourg in just under two hours. Then the train company threw in a few last minute hotel deals and voilà, a chance for us to hang at one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets without me having to sell my body (for scrap parts). We’re off tomorrow morning to soak up the season the Strasbourg way. I assume that crowd knows what they are doing by now, the same market has been there since 1570.

So I won’t be here on Wednesday or Friday as we’ll be eating our way through another French town. I hear they have a vast food section with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts and giant strudels and gingerbreads and German sausages and hot buttered brioche. And, this is the best part, there’s apparently a good Chinese restaurant in Strasbourg. Spring rolls, pork dumplings, cripes, I’m going to short out my laptop from all the drooling. I’ve packed the Tums so I’m good to go.

By the time I get back (late Christmas Eve) the holidays will be in full swing. I’ll try and post some pictures and report on the festivities but I have no idea exactly when. If we don’t meet again until after the 25th, I offer a hearty Happy Holidays to all you lovely Finders. Eat, drink and be merry. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t stick to any diet of any kind and for the love of god don’t take any shit from your relatives.

Joyeux Noël!

Love Bobbi And Neil