Well, time sure does fly when you’re having funemployment. Yesterday marked the the 2 year blogaversary of Finding Me in France. Two years! What a magnificent achievement: spending all your free time writing for free. Here’s to me! That’s me toasting myself, and who better to pat my own back I say. I also say that there’s no better way to celebrate myself than stuffing my face with a big load of chocolates.

Now, god knows I loves me a bit of chocolat and I have, on more than one occasion, eaten myself into a delirium, one time almost into a coma in Paris. But today I am eating the best chocolates I have ever tasted and they are not made in France.

Inside this box are chocolates that can only be described as works of art.

The Buddha Beauty (salted caramel encased in dark chocolate), the Bisous (white chocolate lips filled with chocolate ganache and tangerine liquor), the Pineapple (pineapple caramel). These are the creations of Jean-Michel Carre and his wife Jill, a couple who used to live in Semur but now they make chocolates in California.

Their menu is nothing short of miraculous — ginger/lemon and curry/coconut truffles, blood orange caramels, white chocolate ganache with blackcurrant and their signature chocolate, the Calibressan, dark chocolate filled with limoncello liquer ganache.

I have never once thought I’d like to live in California (too many earthquakes and implants) but these chocolates could probably lure me to build a house directly above the San Andreas Fault and have silicone injected into my flabby and flappy bits. If you’re in California (Scott, Kris, Tisha, Dean), they are in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria and for the rest of you, try www.ChocoCaliBressan.com

So, that’s it. Two years in and I’m still talking about eating and my arse. Why mess with a winning formula right? Anyway, today’s the day. I’ve given you two years of foolishness and now a direct line to the world’s best chocolates. The least you can do is come out of the comment closet. I see you all there lurking in the corners of my monthly visitor stats page. Reveal yourselves with a congratulatory comment on my blog birthday. I need something to distract me from ordering a 30 pound shipment from CaliBressan.