Of course a bunch of good-byes are headed my way but I didn’t count on any this soon. Ah well, we come and we go in this life. Saturday past Neil and I sat with our French neighbours extraordinaire, Jean-Claude and Jacqueline, for what will likely be the last time in a long while. Now if you’ve read the book, you’ll remember JC—the larger than life, previously fantasized to be a shady character (in reality anything but), man about Semur. They are off to their home in Morocco for a few months and by the time they return, I’ll be unpacking boxes at the Peace Palace (better suggestions anyone?).

And, like always, he and the Madame came bearing gifts, this time a cold bottle of excellent champagne and photos. Mon Dieu!

I love this guy’s joie de vivre and sense of adventure and bien sûr his kindness. Imagine the effort for these shots!

He’s a daredevil for sure but he did tell me to say that he does not endorse reading and driving. We were lucky to have such wonderful and colourful neighbours here in France. I’m sure there are all kinds of interesting neighbours to be had in Switzerland but these folks will be hard to top.

Merci Jean-Claude et Jacqueline, for the wine, the tagine, the Moroccan tea, sugar, saffron and shoes, for the photos, for the stories, for everything. Bon courage.