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Now I see these all over town…

I must say it’s a very good start. Trouble is the French seem to have no idea what they’re for. I’d volunteer to offer a class on how to use a plastic bag to pick up doggy doo but I’m too busy scraping it off my shoes…


Delusions Of Grandeur

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I always say instead of kids we have houses. Houses we’ve owned, houses we’ve sold, houses we dream about. Sometimes it seems like all we ever think about is houses and France is no cure for that. Here in Semur there are many lovely ones and over the spring and summer I hope to give you a first rate tour. Here’s one that amazes me every time I see it.

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La Man Cave

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Well I’m not at 100% but at least I’m getting out of the house. After 4 weeks of ‘taking it easy’, also known as lying on a bed and staring at the ceiling until you descend into madness, I’m finally getting out of the house a bit. Thanks be to- deity of your choice- because the weather is unbelievable. Who knew that there are places in the world where spring actually arrives before the end of May?

All the Newfies know what I’m talking about. Why it seems like just yesterday I rolled out of my tent in Terra Nova Park on May 24th weekend, hungover and blue from the cold, into half a foot of snow. Ah those were the days. Here in Semur the forsythia is in bloom, the willow trees are coming to life and the window boxes are already full of flowers. So spine be damned, a walk was in order. Continue reading “La Man Cave” »

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