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Extreme Gardening

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Now this my friends is what I call a rock garden:


Every time I round the corner this view smacks me in the face with it’s rocky gardeny goodness. And to think that it’s only one half of the garden attached to this little house. I’m happy to say that people live there all year and enjoy their garden to the fullest. I know I would…




So while my lovely husband and I conducted great conversations about the Wreck, these tremendous back and forth sessions of should we or shouldn’t we, while we studied the town sewage line diagrams for an excrement extrusion plan, while we considered how much we could save on the renovation through DIY or more correctly DIN (do it Neil), something very interesting happened. Someone else bought the bloody thing.

To be honest I’m relieved. I love it when decisions are made for me as it leaves so much more time for my other pressing matters like eating and navel gazing. I think it was meant to be because just as the Wreck was snapped up under our noses we were advised that France has officially declared us fit to be renters.

The universe has spoken and I’m listening carefully for a change. We’ll rent something here and officially hit the longest period in our relationship without a major renovation. But I have to keep an open mind with this. Having no income requires a fair bit of sacrifice. I have to learn to lower my standards accordingly and you know what? It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. Continue reading “You Snooze, You Lose” »

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