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Middle Aged

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It’s not possible to describe the house mania going on around here lately. Honestly I’m more and more convinced that I’m a total masochist. However it’s Semur to the rescue as just now it’s offering me two things- a diversion from all things connected to moving and blog material which I am sad to say is at an all time low in my addled brain.

Every year at the end of May this sleepy town bursts into life with a vengeance. This past weekend was Les Fêtes Médiévales du Roi Chaussé and I’ve never seen anything like it. The Semurois go all out for this festival and I have to say it’s the most fun I’ve ever seen a whole town having at once.

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It is hotter than the devil’s underpants here lately. Yesterday le temps ran the full gamut from blistering sun to torrential rain complete with hail. Maybe that Rapture crowd is on to something…

How’s your sky today?



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As much as I fantasize about being one, I’m not the kind of girl who hops a train to Paris twice in one week. But there was a method to my madness. I’ll try to make this long, boring story even longer and more boring.

We had decided to rent a magnificent apartment here in Semur. While it was straight out of a Parisian film, chevron floors, 13 foot ceilings, fancy French mouldings, the practicalities left a little to be desired to say the least. But like a politician in a brothel we were so seduced by beauty that the downside seemed trivial. We were about to sign a lease when a friend of ours just happened to say “I know a guy who has a house here coming up for rent, I’ll call him”.

So I was prepared for the usual letdown of French houses. They’re always drop dead gorgeous on the outside, all stone and shutters and gravel courtyards but one step inside and voilà, la catastrophe! Twice now we’ve encountered the much desired indoor dog doodie area. Quelle horreur! Continue reading “Housebound” »

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