We’re still living at the house on the river and the plan is to gradually move over to the housette by the end of the month. Given that we still don’t have a dish to our name it’s the only way to go. So while it’s still empty have a look.

That is the entire living room, dining room and kitchen. Cozy is the word du jour alright.

This will either be Rusty’s world headquarters or Neil and Bobbi bedquarters, not sure if there’s enough room for the strobe light and trapeze so we’ll have to see.

I’m not sure if I can cope with such a HUGE mirror. What are you supposed to do with that now, put mascara on one eyelash at a time?

Bedroom upstairs and just to give you some perspective…

Sorry for the blurry picture but never mind that, look at the size of me!! Check out the clipboard. And the geeks shall inherit the earth.

I’m thinking of keeping these you know for that industrial loft look that’s all the rage in New York.

As I write this Carmel Curley’s gorgeous man (tall, dark, French accent with a bit of Irish thrown in, Averil take note) who just so happens to be a horticulturist is tearing up this garden. When it’s finished and the sun is shining I’ll show you the beautiful view just over that little stone wall on the left.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what’s up with all these bland photos? See I’m no fool, now the après shots will look right fancy no matter what kind of crap I put in there. Anyway, no time for chit-chat today. You saw me in that house. It’ll take me ages to find a helmet that goes with the couch.