So there we were, living our dreamy yet slightly risky Swiss life. Risky because any time a couple lives on one self-employed income in a foreign (and expensive) country, well, there’s always the chance that things can change quickly, leaving said couple in a precarious position. One day we were rolling along on our skin tight budget. And then, literally overnight, as they say in my homeland, “There it was…gone.”

Neil’s major client, a beloved Canadian company for whom he worked joyfully for 15 years, has decided to close—a sad event for all involved. We’ve always known this could happen, and that uncertainty was a point of discussion at every point along the way in our Big Adventure Abroad.

I always imagined if it happened we’d have a fair bit of notice, but despite my expectations, the world does not revolve around me. Merde happens. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—if you’d like to avoid surprise, you need to avoid having a pulse.

So. Will we stay in Switzerland? Will returning to Canada be the best option? Whatever happens, I’ve crossed a few items off my bucket list: I lived in two foreign countries, I wrote a book, and I learned how to swear in French. Overall, pas mal, oui? I have no idea what’s next, but then again, that was always the deal.

I am committed to being with Neil (wherever that may be) and I am committed to a career path that feels right. I just hope by the time this is over I’m not committed to an institution.