Well, the Big French Adventure has come to an end. What an interesting, exhilarating (at times, frustrating), up, down, and all around time it has been. I’ll tell you this: I admire anyone who can live here and not spend every cent they have on Meursault wine and pastries, anyone who can master both spoken and written French in less than 15 years, and, most of all, anyone immigrating to a foreign country without a sidekick who’s willing and able to manage European bureaucracy.

You know, someone asked me the other day if I thought the project was a success. I suppose the answer depends on how you define success. I’ve had unforgettable experiences, and met equally unforgettable people. I’ve seen many beautiful places, and while I haven’t seen a fraction of what I’d like to see in this part of the world, Europe’s not going anywhere and I know I’ll be warmly welcomed back. Overall, I’m far better for it, despite the deleterious effects on my derrière.

All Frenchy fun aside, perhaps the very best thing about this escapade has been sharing it with all of you. Your comments (now numbering over 7000) and support and encouragement have made the journey that much more joyful. And I’m undone by the positivity you’ve offered me for this next phase.

Of course many people say blogging is a grand exercise in narcissism—maybe so. For me, it’s been about connecting and sharing and keeping a record of something I always wanted to do. So, to those who think me overly self-absorbed: piss off. I’m too busy writing about myself to pay you any mind.

Alors, it is time to bid adieu to Vevey, which shall go on being splendid without me. And it is time to say so long to all of you, at least for the time being. I have no idea what my life will look like on the other side. Whether I’ll have time to blog or not, whether I want to continue to live online or not, remains to be seen. I don’t know if there’s another book to be written, which reminds me—go buy the first one, this move won’t pay for itself.

My best guess is there will be random posts in the future (or I may indeed blog regularly, who knows). If you stay subscribed, you’ll automatically know when there’s a new post, and if I slip from relative obscurity into complete obscurity, you simply won’t receive any notifications—easy peasy lemon squeezy. Or you can sign off with my thanks for a job well done. Either way, regulars and lurkers alike, come out today and say bon voyage.

I’ve found more joy writing Finding Me in France than I ever thought possible. And it seems like you’ve had more than a few laughs at me and with me. I know how much you all love to laugh (the key to a long and happy life), so today I turn it over to one of my favourite funny ladies to say what’s in my heart.