So, my lovely publisher and I had a long overdue, lovely chitty-chat on the phone the other day and she was kind enough to inform me that Finding Me in France is still selling in Canadian bookstores. Sure, many copies were used as fire fuel during the long Canadian winter, but still. In fact, the phrase “regional bestseller” was bandied about. Naturally, the important word here is bestseller. Or maybe that’s actually two words, I’ve no idea, which would perfectly explain why the words New York Times number one bestseller were not uttered once during that conversation.

Yes, said region may indeed be the back end of Canada that lies isolated in the frigid, windswept North Atlantic, but who the hell cares. Yippee, huzzah, hooray and ta da. Regional is a perfectly fine category, think California wine region or regional hockey champions. Any way you look at it, the book of doodles is a winner. Proof positive that France, public humiliation, and overuse of the word arse are the path to greatness.

Quite puffed up by this news was I. So much so that recently, while waiting in a small restaurant for a friend to join me for lunch, I engaged in some banter with two very impressive silver haired ladies. The jumping off point was the complete badassery found in our rejection of societal hair colour demands, and the landing was, “You two should buy my book.” Smartphones were tapped and next thing you know I was three bucks richer. Take notes, mes amis, that’s how it’s done.

Truth be told, self-promotion is not one of my strengths. Righteous indignation, moral outrage, justifying ridiculous expenditures, much more my speed. I don’t even have a single copy of my own book. Shameful I suppose. At any rate, people do often suggest that I should write another book. Possibly. Maybe there really is a shortage of good bathroom literature. I’m no fiction writer so I’ll have to mine this mundane life for something worth saying, not an easy task (ideas, please). I’ll keep you posted.

For now all I can say is merci to anyone and everyone who threw their Visa down for me. Next time we’re going for the big prize, #62 on the Canadian good seller list.