Finders, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself looking through the window of your computer screen at a world that seems to be shifting on its axis. The pandemic rages on amid horrifying displays of unbridled racism and state-sanctioned atrocity. Feckless, callous leaders stoke the flames and bask in the chaos. I can’t help but wonder what in holy hell is next.

But I have to believe that good will come from all this upheaval. This particular uprising against the racism so endemic in our society looks and feels different somehow, and I think maybe, just maybe, we’ve reached a tipping point. Could this be the beginning of a path towards actual and sustained social justice? I really hope so.

But today I’ve decided I’m all about good news. I’m wading through the mountain of garbage in search of anything to soothe the spirit. The state of Minnesota is set to begin a police overhaul. Outstanding!! New Zealand has conquered Coronavirus. Hooray! A Golden Retriever named Finley now holds the Guinness World Record for holding the most tennis balls (6) in his mouth. Three cheers for Finley!

And then there’s this: I have finally finished my book and I’m delighted to share that I’m now represented by the wonderful literary agent, Hilary McMahon of Westwood Creative Artists. The supremely talented Ms. McMahon will now do her level best to steer my novel toward publication. Yippee Yahooey!

Now, what’s your good news? Tell me everything…