Oh my dear Finders, it’s been a while. I hope this long overdue missive finds you well or at least in possession of a modicum of sanity. Cripes, quite a run we’ve been having over the last two years, hey? Disaster everywhere you look. I mean just plop down in front of any screen, any time, on any day, and you’ll be served up a steaming shit show. It’s enough to make anyone take to their bed in a fit of crushing despair. But fear not. This little corner of the world is immune to the wackadoodle jackassery we’ve all become so accustomed to witnessing. I say look away from the chaos and join me for a few precious moments. I promise you this space is reserved for joy and nothing but joy.

I know joy is in short supply these days but if we don’t find things to cling to when the seas get rough, we run the risk of being set adrift with no land in sight. Me, I’ve been hanging on to something as if my life depended on it (and maybe it has). A while back, my superb literary agent, Hilary McMahon convinced the good folks at HarperCollins Canada to take a chance on a goofy old bag who had a wild notion of becoming a novelist. And after what feels like an eternity, I now have a dream come true sitting in my living room…

Now brace yourself for some shameless self promotion. My lovely little book is called The Good Women of Safe Harbour and I can say with absolute confidence that it’s the best novel I’ve ever written. But don’t take my word for it…

These blurbs send a flush to my cheeks and rev my heart into high gear every time I see them. I’m so overwhelmed and grateful and, well, joyful.

Anyway, I know there’s so much to be fearful of, so much to rage against, so much angst and strife and darkness about. But today I want to think of nothing but the girl in the polka dot bathing suit, her jaunty cap and her sweet little bum. About the pages between the front and back covers, sitting quietly, just waiting for you. So I hope you’ll wish me well as I shake off the jitters and launch this new book into the world. Lord knows I thought of you all so many times as I was writing it.

Now get your arse in gear and go buy a copy. Then send me a picture of you reading it, talk it up to your friends, demand that your book club embrace it (I’m available for virtual book club visits), leave a glowing review of it somewhere. The official release is March 8th but you can pre-order it now. Head on over to bobbifrench.com for all the details.

Love to everyone and cling to whatever keeps your head above water. Better days are on the horizon.